Motor Mount, Passengers side (G20 x-member, see notes)

Motor Mount, Passengers side (G20 x-member, see notes)
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FITS: B13, B14 2.0 & G20 (See bottom) 
Our mounts are designed to limit unwanted movement and control torque thereby putting more power to the wheels and also reducing the chance of breakage. You will notice performance gains on the street or track with our almost indestructible mounts. Prothane™ motor and transmission mounts are strong and tough like a solid metal mount without the vibration and noise. Our mount inserts for FWD cars reduce unnecessary engine movement and can restore an old worn rubber mount. They reduce wheel hop and damaging engine and drive train movement. All of our mounts are very durable and resistant to oil, chemicals and road contaminants that deteriorate rubber mounts. Prothane™ motor, transmission and motor mount inserts feature application specific engineering. In other words they are not a universal “one fit all” application. This will insure you to get a maximum benefit from a Prothane™ product. Where applicable, our mounts feature our internal “run safe” interlocking engineering or specially designed mechanical interlocking steel inserts. Certain mounts also feature an innovative mounting method which allows one mount to fit multiple applications without compromising fit or quality. Prothane™ mounts and inserts are manufactured of the highest quality specially formulated polyurethanes. In a nut shell Prothane™ will provide you with the performance and value you demand.
** G20 NOTES: This mount fits the rear of the P10 G20 and also fits the front and rear of the P11 G20 with some modification. This is how you modify the Prothane to fit the stock mount. This is how you remove and replace the stock mounts from a P11 G20. Thanks to P@ from the forums. Don's ask me how it fits. I just heard it does and there's where you find out how. 
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